Certificate of Residence in Spain

Certificate of Residence in Spain


It is a requirement of Spanish Law that every European Citizen spending more than three months in Spain shall obtain a Certificate of Registration as a Resident. This certificate is not valid as identification but is necessary for various matters including gaining employment. It does however include your N.I.E. identity number, which everyone living in Spain must obtain.

EU citizens will receive a Certificate of Registration in the Central Registry of Foreigners immediately on applying for it, and this will not expire. If you do not have permanent residence, ie: non-EU nationals, you will have to re-apply after 5 years of the date stipulated on your certificate.

You may obtain an appointment with a national police station either by phone on 952 197 114 (in English) or 952 198 355 (in Spanish) or by going there personally (for Mijas residents, this is situated in Avenida de los Condes de San Isidro 98, Fuengirola ).

You will advised at the meeting of any payments that will need to be paid, using form 790. The certificate will be available for collection in around 3 days, and upon presentation of the stamped 790 form(s).

N.I.E. Number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero)

If you don’t have an N.I.E. number when applying for the Certificate, they will give you one automatically – you don’t have to make a separate application. This number is issued by the immigration service to anyone living in Spain, and is used on all the usual transactions where proof of address is required, for instance, opening a Spanish bank account or registering a phone line at your property.


Required Documents for your application

Forms EX-18 and EX-15 are available from the National Police and from the Mijas Foreigners Department. These must be presented already filled in. The Spanish version of the forms must be presented, but they are also available for download in English, German and French. The Mijas Foreigner Department will be able to help with translation and filling out the forms into Spanish.

You can download the necessary EX-forms from the Portal for Immigration Website and the Payment Form 790 from www.mir.es.

Please note:

These .pdf forms contain editable fields and you will need Acrobat Reader, free for download from Adobe. https://get.adobe.com/reader/

You now have to fulfill the following conditions in order to become a resident of Spain:

In all cases you have to present:

1. A completed Application Form — (modelo EX-18)

2. Original passport and photocopy.

3. Payment form 790

A fee of 10,60€ will need to be paid at any bank using Payment Form 790.

4. Proof of the following:

  • Being employed as a worker in Spain.
  • Being a self-employed worker in Spain.
  • Having sufficient funds for you and your family members so that it does not mean a social burden for Spain during the period of residence. ? If you are a pensioner, this is simple, just present a Spanish bank certificate stating that you receive your pension monthly. If you do not receive your pension via a Spanish bank, you have to present the Pension Document from your country of origin stating the amount and this has to be legally translated and legalized.
  • Having medical coverage (public or private) with coverage in Spain for the period of your residence that offers the equivalent to that of the Spanish Social Security. ? If you are a pensioner, this is simple, just present your S1 (previous E-121).

To obtain your N.I.E. Number

5. Completed NIE Application Form ( Form Modelo EX-15)

6. Original Passport and photocopy.

7. Payment Form 790

A fee of 9,45€ will need to be paid at any bank on Payment Form 790.

The Foreigners Department of the Town Hall in La Cala de Mijas.

Information given on this page is provided by the Foreigners Department and is available as an information leaflet



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