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meeting_mayor_Victor NavasBREXPATS IN SPAIN was born in Mijas, from concerns for our future in Spain following the result of the Brexit. In just four weeks we have added 1,700 members to the Association, from provinces all over Spain; Almeria, Barcelona, Cadiz, Mallorca and Tenerife. We have also initiated contacts with other similar groups based in EU countries like France or Italy, and we are working to respond to the concerns of Spanish immigrants who reside in England. On 9th August BREXPATS IN SPAIN met the Mayor of Benalmádena, Victor Navas, and the Councillor for Foreign Residents, Ana Schermanin, who pledged their full support for expats in Benalmádena.

“Many British residents have already seen their pensions severely affected by the devaluation of the pound, and have other concerns for the negative consequences of the ‘Brexit’, such as the need to take private health insurance, or everyday aspects, such as the location of their home, pets or driving licences,” said the Mayor.  “There are many questions and doubts that concern a group in Benalmádena that is 8% of the population.”

“Our Foreigners Department have emphasized in recent weeks contact with the British population on the Brexit issue, a process that will still take time to complete but which awakens many doubts and uncertainties among our British neighbours,” confirmed Ana Scherman, who has stressed the need that those affected be empadronado in order to receive support and advice. “We have established a schedule with the Association to move forward in our partnership with new meetings now set for September and October.”

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