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Latest News

About Brexpats in Spain

About Brexpats in Spain


We Want Information

We aim to be a friendly informative group of Mijas resident ex-pats or property owners with valid concerns. As the potential effects on us unravel and are presented for discussion, on occasions we also hope to invite experts in to talk to us in Q and A sessions. By being informed, our actions become more effective. With legal and expert guidance and support we can be ready to do what is required in order to identify and protect our rights.

In such a short time we have achieved so much and now with local government giving their unconditional stamp of approval and 100% support we have hope for our future here. We look forward to a very congenial ‘friendship’ with all members, experts and governmental bodies throughout Spain!

Brexit Will affect Us All

Unless there is a second referendum, Brexit will happen, and actually now should happen to show respect for the majority voters. It’s looking as though it could be a long drawn-out process so we need to have our questions ready in order to try and put our points across and get answers sooner rather than later – to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail! We welcome all ex-pats no matter how they voted because this WILL affect us all.

Do you have any questions for us?

We are not all wealthy ex-pats here, some rely entirely on their pensions; some rely on employment. There has been so much scaremongering during the entire Brexit campaign that we now need to differentiate the fact from the fiction!


We are NOT politically biased.
We are NOT a protest group.
We are NOT profit-making.

We do NOT seek to change the outcome of Brexit.

Our mission is to understand the issues that could affect our position as British expats here in Spain.

Our aim is to gather and impart relevant information and changes to legislation.

We need to hear your questions and concerns in order to seek answers.





Our group’s first public meeting

Come along to the Tamisa Golf Hotel on 27th July at 7pm.


All are welcome to attend a free, informal meeting with members of the Brexpats team, as well as dignitaries and experts from our community who have pledged their support. Come and share your views, and have a drink on us!

We need your questions

Our expat community is diverse as it is large and the vote to leave the EU will affect us all in different ways. That is why we have invited you to let your views and concerns be known.

Please come along, and bring a friend. You do not need to be a member.

BREXPATS IN SPAIN is a not for-profit, non-political, legalised group set up to be a voice for British Expats in Spain. Our aim is to liaise with local and central government in Spain and UK in order to understand and impart important information of changes to legislation that may affect our status as British residents living in a EU member state. For more information, join us on Facebook. BREXPATS IN SPAIN.