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Interview with Enrique from VOZPLUS

Interview with Enrique from VOZPLUS

What is your line of business?  Do you have British clients?

As one of the major telecommunications companies here in Spain, we have many British clients.  They want fast and reliable internet connections to their families in the UK and, of course, they do want their British TV.

Do you think Brexit will have an impact on your business?

Two years ago I would say that 80 – 90% of our clients were British but now it’s probably down to around 40% so, whether it’s due to Brexit I don’t know, but the number of British clients has dropped considerably and continues to drop so there is already a change in our market.

If it’s not due to Brexit why do you think this is?

It is undoubtedly indirectly related to Brexit.  In my line of work there is a lot of competition and it’s all a question of price.  The British are being rather more careful with their disposable income now that the exchange rate is so poor for them but if it picks up, I hope business will too although I have heard of some who are thinking of leaving Spain as a result of Brexit.

How did you, as a Spaniard, react to the Brexit result?

It was as much a shock result for us as for the British I imagine.  I don’t see it as being a good thing for Spain, I can only envisage negative repercussions.  We have had our own share of political problems last year here in Spain and, of course, we are only just seeing the end of the financial recession that has us all, it is important to remain positive and trust our politicians to do the best for our countries.  We have good relations with the UK and I don’t think that will change.

Interview with Juan Carlos Maldonado – Mayor of Mijas

La Vanguardia, Spanish national newspaper interviews Sr Juan Carlos Maldonado Mayor of Mijas, speaking about how British expats are grouping together, organised by founding member, Anne Hernandez, Brexpats in Spain

Some 60.000 British residents in Malaga province are voicing their concerns about the future of their pensions and property, and also their access to health care provision.


The BREXPATS IN SPAIN team and experts are embarking on presentations throughout Spain – WE ARE YOUR VOICE!

To find out more about our work please watch this website for updates, and also our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/brexpatsinspain/


Pro-EU Tory rebels reveal their plan to fight Theresa May’s ‘harsh Brexit’

Pro-EU Tory rebels reveal their plan to fight Theresa May’s ‘harsh Brexit’

A group of Tories have vowed to be the resistance to what it dubbed the “harsh Brexit” now apparently planned by Theresa May.

eu-indie-6The Conservative Group for Europe set out its stall ahead of the Brexit talks, pledging to fight the economic damage it fears from severing links with the Single Market. An 80-strong reception at the Birmingham conference heard an impassioned call to fight back from senior Conservative MP Neil Carmichael.

Mr Carmichael said, “We would be reckless if we did not challenge some of the consequences of a hard, or harsh, Brexit.

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Pound falls as Theresa May indicates Brexit date

Pound falls as Theresa May indicates Brexit date

Sterling has fallen to a three-year low against the euro after Theresa May outlined the timetable for starting Brexit negotiations.

bbc_eu1It also hit its lowest level against the dollar since the beginning of July.

On Sunday, the prime minister said she would trigger Article 50, the clause needed to start the process, by the end of March 2017. That means the UK is likely to leave the EU by mid-2019. In early morning trade, the pound fell by about 1% against the euro to €1.1433 before recovering slightly.

It was also down 1% against the dollar at $1.2854 at one point, its lowest since 6 July, when it hit $1.2797.


Government announces end of European Communities Act

Government announces end of European Communities Act

The UK will take back control of its laws and provide the maximum possible certainty for workers and businesses on leaving the EU.

gov-ukSecretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis has announced today that the Government plans to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act (ECA). The Act gives direct effect to all EU law and the introduction of a new Bill to repeal it will mean the Act ceases to apply from the day of exit.

At the same time the new Bill will convert existing EU law into domestic law, while allowing Parliament to amend, repeal or improve any law after appropriate scrutiny and debate.

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Swiss climbdown over free movement may deal blow to UK hopes

Swiss climbdown over free movement may deal blow to UK hopes

MPs vote for local preference in job hires but plan does not include fixed limits on EU immigration

eu6-guardianThe Swiss parliament has largely caved in to EU intransigence on free movement in a decision that could deal a blow to British government hopes of being able to both control immigration and retain enhanced single market access after Brexit.

Swiss MPs approved legislation on Wednesday that would promote some local preference in job hires, a compromise they hope will allow vital economic relations with the bloc to be preserved following a 2014 referendum vote to cap EU immigration.

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Britain just got its first concrete sign that Brexit will destroy the economy

Britain just got its first concrete sign that Brexit will destroy the economy

Britain just got its first concrete sign that the British exit from the European Union, or Brexit, will crush the nation’s economy after a grim set of PMI data released by Markit on Friday morning showed a “dramatic deterioration” in the economy since the UK voted to leave the EU.

eu-indie-4Speaking about the data, Markit’s chief economist, Chris Williamson, said (emphasis ours):

“July saw a dramatic deterioration in the economy, with business activity slumping at the fastest rate since the height of the global financial crisis in early-2009.

“The downturn, whether manifesting itself in order book cancellations, a lack of new orders or the postponement or halting of projects, was most commonly attributed in one way or another to ‘Brexit.'”

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Sturgeon ‘gobsmacked’ by lack of answers to basic Brexit questions

Sturgeon ‘gobsmacked’ by lack of answers to basic Brexit questions

Scotland’s first minister warns long and complicated exit from EU could lead to ‘lost decade of uncertainty and turmoil’

eu5-guardianScotland’s first minister told MSPs she was shocked there was no clarity on what the UK government wanted to achieve in its exit talks with the EU, which now looked like a “very long and very tortuous process”.

She said she feared the delays and complexities of leaving the union would lead to a “lost decade of uncertainty and turmoil” for the economy and society in general. The damage caused could be “deep and severe”, she added.

It was “utterly, utterly depressing” that British citizens now faced having to pay for visas to enter the EU after Brexit, the first minister added. She said a key goal for the UK was to remain within the single market: that would be the “least worst” option short of remaining a full EU member.

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BREXPATS IN SPAIN: Answering the Urgent Questions

BREXPATS IN SPAIN: Answering the Urgent Questions

PENSIONS, properties, taxes and healthcare, it only took the scratch of a pen for British voters to seal an uncertain fate for the country, but the consequences of their decision are very real, particularly for the millions of expatriates living across the EU.

It is preBREXPATS-BANNER-8cisely this ambiguity over the future of legal and financial arrangements that inspired five British expatriates to establish a group with the seemingly simple, but infuriatingly complex mission of answering important questions that simply didn’t exist just three months ago.
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Brexit: Farmers who backed Leave now regret vote over subsidy fears

Brexit: Farmers who backed Leave now regret vote over subsidy fears

eu-indie-3Many British farmers are experiencing ‘Regrexit’ over fears they may lose agricultural subsidies, the Earl of Sandwich has told Parliament.

“In 2013, farmers received €2.6bn (about £2.2bn) under pillar 1 [an EU funding term] and €637m (£538m) for agri-environment and rural development under ‘green’ pillar 2.”

Speaking in a House of Lords debate, John Montagu said many farmers had voted “without understanding the consequences” and were now in dismay over news they may not receive the same level of payouts made under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

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