Parnell Academy: A New Language School in Mijas

Parnell Academy: A New Language School in Mijas

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The Parnell Academy opens a new campus in La Cala de Mijas with a special course for members of BREXPATS IN SPAIN

In view of the Brexit, the Academy has teamed up with BREXPATS IN SPAIN to offer discounts for British Expats who wish to learn Spanish and more about Spain with a special course for members. This course will be of assistance to those whose plan is to become a Spanish National.

In addition, their belief that our group is of such importance at this difficult and uncertain time that the Parnell Academy has committed to BREXPATS IN SPAIN by becoming a sponsor.

signupThe school is a fully fledged academy with a major emphasis on languages. Both English and Spanish are taught as foreign languages whether it be conversational or a complete language course.

Anyone considering the option to obtain Spanish nationality will need to pass an exam on general knowledge of Spanish customs, history, culture, politics, sports etc, and one of the prerequisites is having a command of the Spanish language. This special course will provide a grounding for entering the exam.


An example of the questions asked in the Spanish nationality exam is:

 ¿Cómo se denomina la resolución de la Dirección Nacional de Empleo por la que se fijan anualmente las fiestas laborables para cada año?

Response A: Calendario fiscal

Response B: Calendario españoldiscussion

Response C: Calendario laboral

To pass this exam, a certain amount of studying is needed and not just of the language, as shown in the previous example. The Parnell Academy has created a course specially for BREXPATS IN SPAIN, a Spanish language course that is aimed at preparing the attendee for the citizenship exam as well as helping learn both written and spoken Spanish. The course doesn’t have to be solely for the citizenship exam but rather a get to know Spain and Spanish.


The full price of the course is 70€ per month, and covers two 1-hour classes per week. With discounts, the course costs 60€ a month, and if you pay in advance for three months, this reduces to 50€ per month.

  • 50% discount on the Academy enrolment fee (usually 50€)
  • 5€ discount for being a BREXPATS member
  • 5€ discount for being a registered Mijas resident
  • Pay in advance for 3 months and save a further 10€ per month

Official Opening

The Parnell Academy was officially opened the 7th of September with a ceremony inaugurated by the Mayor of Mijas, Don Juan Carlos Maldonado.

The Parnell Academy is located at:

Edificio Supersol, 1st floor Office 7, Plaza del Bulevar, La Cala de Mijas.