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BREXPATS  was orginally a Facebook group set up by five expats in the Mijas area specifically to gather relevant information and distribute it as soon as it is made available, but within two days of being launched the number of followers had reached close to 800. The group was renamed BREXPATS IN SPAIN, since our predicament is shared by all British people who have set up their home and business in Spain. Our hope is that we can continue to expand, by people in other areas forming their own satellite portal to share and distribute information and resources provided under the BREXPATS IN SPAIN banner.

However, it must be stressed that we are not a politically-biased group. Nor are we a protest group, or profit-seeking. We do not mean to change the outcome of the referendum. Our mission is to understand the issues that could affect our position as British expats here in Spain, and our aim is to gather and freely impart relevant information and changes to legislation. We will be the voice you need for you to make the most informed decisions, regardless of how you may have voted.

In order to do this, we need your help, and the help of local experts and dignitaries in the community. Already, we have voluntary legal and financial advisers on our side. We are seeking representation in local and central government, both in the UK and here is Spain. Our own mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonaldo, has pledged his full support and the promise to raise our awareness of developments as they happen. BREXPATS IN SPAIN is in the process of becoming a legalised Asociación, an important step in forging and maintaining relationships in our host country. We urge every expat in Spain who would expect the help and support of their local council to be fully legal also.

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Given our financial limitations, everything we have done so far has been self-funded but we need to get out to other parts of Spain. We make no charge to our members and our funds are raised via donations. It is difficult to fund our many trips, presentations and satisfy the countless requests to travel to other parts of Spain and perhaps now, more than ever, we need to be a united force.

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