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BREXPATS IN SPAIN is fighting to defend our rights here as British residents.

Much was agreed in principle in December between the UK and the EU but nothing has been signed off.  Six months later and we are still none the wiser as to our continued rights here. And, with that mantra in our heads that ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’ our patience is now running very thin!  The UK proposal to exit the EU has to be presented to the EU for their approval in October.  It is then discussed at the European Parliament and then each one of the EU27 has to individually agree to it if the deadline of 29 March 2019 is to be respected.

The EU has already stated that there are 3 issues that the UK has to resolve before it will consider the proposal and these are proving to be colossal stumbling blocks for our UK government – Ireland, Citizens’ Rights and Freedom of Movement.

We cannot influence the Irish or issue but we can influence the Citizens’ Rights, and to some degree, the Freedom of Movement.  Our association has over 5,000 members throughout Spain and with representatives in some areas but we need help in other areas – we all need to be giving the same message.  We have no parliamentary representative so it is up to us to represent ourselves!

Our acquired rights must be honoured and allowed to continue.  We don’t partake in scaremongering but that Brexit clock is ticking and the time for platitudes is over.  The UK has now agreed to grant settled status to its EU residents, provided all goes well and to plan, and we need to persuade Spain into granting us the same because this settled status agreement has to be reciprocal.

If you are interested in helping us or just to become a member which is totally free, then email us on, join our Facebook group BREXPATS IN SPAIN.

If you can help sponsor us as a company or expert, then don’t hesitate to email for further information.

We are doing this for you but we need your support!

Together We Are Stronger

We will Campaign for you

To campaign for a speedy resolution of all of the significant issues that Brexit threatens expats in Spain

Impartial Advice & Support

To provide advice & support to all expats living in Spain concerned by Brexit and its threat to their daily lives

Your Voice is heard

We organise regular meetings with local & regional goverment bodies to promote the worries faced by Expats about Brexit

Get Involved

Become a member of Brexpats and invite fellow expats living in Spain so our voice gets heard

  • Get Involved

    We need your help and support to get the message heard.  It is in all our interest that we fight for the rights of the expats living in Spain to make sure we protect the many rights we enjoy today

  • Come to our Events

    Come to our events that we organise throughout the year. Our established relationships we have with local & regional goverments as well as the British Embassy, allow us to invite them to our events in order to listen to our members and hear there concerns first hand.

    Get your voice heard, come along to our next meeting and participate.

  • Any Suggestions or Feedback?

    We are constantly asking for feedback and suggestions from our members, we are all fighting to protect our interests due to the changes that may occur from the Brexit negotiations.  Use our Members Forum to get in touch, share stories, news etc.

  • Get your friends to become a Member

    I am sure we all have British friends who live in Spain who are in a similiar situation to us.   Help them to get signed up to become a member, the more members we have, the more influence we have with the local & regional goverments as we as the British Embassy.


  • How can i become a member

    All you need to do to become a member of brexpats is visit and fill in your details.  You will recieve a email confirmation once you have been accepted

  • Problems registering to become a member

    If you are having a problems becoming a member of brexpats, do not worry.  Just send an email to with your nam & email address, we will set up your account for you.

  • If I change my nationality and become Spanish apart from the obvious benefits (retained public healthcare) how might it affect my UK Pension, my will and if I sell my property?

    • Nationality is not a prerequisite to entitlement to a UK state pension, what counts are the national insurance contributions made and you’ll usually need to have 10 years worth of contributions to be entitled.
    • Regarding your will, if you become a Spanish national you might have to change your will in Spain because forced heirship rules will then apply and you have to leave at least 2/3 of your estate to your children.
    • On the sale of a property I don’t envisage any change to the current rules if one of the parties should become a Spanish national.

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