Sturgeon ‘gobsmacked’ by lack of answers to basic Brexit questions

Scotland’s first minister warns long and complicated exit from EU could lead to ‘lost decade of uncertainty and turmoil’

eu5-guardianScotland’s first minister told MSPs she was shocked there was no clarity on what the UK government wanted to achieve in its exit talks with the EU, which now looked like a “very long and very tortuous process”.

She said she feared the delays and complexities of leaving the union would lead to a “lost decade of uncertainty and turmoil” for the economy and society in general. The damage caused could be “deep and severe”, she added.

It was “utterly, utterly depressing” that British citizens now faced having to pay for visas to enter the EU after Brexit, the first minister added. She said a key goal for the UK was to remain within the single market: that would be the “least worst” option short of remaining a full EU member.

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